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What to Know about Interlocking Pavers for Small Backyards

Living with a small backyard can be frustrating. You might think that your yard is short on entertaining potential, space to roam free and bond with your pets or children. In reality, though, you just haven’t discovered your backyard’s hidden potential!

Even a small yard can be fun and functional if you just have the right tools for your design, and the creativity to use them uniquely. Take interlocking pavers, for example. Pavers are concrete-based bricks that can interlock to form a solid outdoor surface. They can be used to build paver patios, walkways, decks, and more.

Read on for a simple guide to building a beautiful backyard with the help of paver installation professionals. Learn how to design with pavers, some tips for getting the most out of them, and inspiration to build a small backyard that’s stylish and functional for your family.

Choose Usable Living Space

The best way to design your backyard with interlocking pavers is to build usable living space and walkways to connect them. That means designing a seating area just outside your back door, an outdoor grilling and dining area in the furthest edge of the yard, and even a platform for tanning and enjoying some full sun. Small backyards always look larger when they’re given functional features.

Heat Resistance

Ask any paver contractor, and they’ll tell you one of the best perks of building outdoor living space with interlocking pavers: they’re heat-resistant. So not only can you rest easy knowing that even areas that get full sun will be just fine—no need to worry about fading or warping—but they can handle the heat of fire pits. Use pavers to build the border and seating area around a beautiful fire pit, a feature that can make your backyard look and feel much larger than it is. If the pavers get a little bit of soot or ash on them, simply sweep the surface after the fire has gone out. Just like that, and they’re back to normal.

Style Tips

If you’re building a small patio paver deck, make sure you keep your views open. Enclosing your patio or deck with tall plants, curtains, and other view obstructions can make a small backyard feel claustrophobic.

Keep tall plants to the edges of your yard, and prune your trees and shrubs to extend vertically for shade, rather than horizontally, where they’ll use up valuable outdoor living space. Add more color and soft texture to your backyard with fun seat cushions, pillows, and rugs.

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking Pavers Care

People love installing pavers in their backyard because they’re cheap and durable. It’s easy to clean concrete pavers, and they’re virtually stain-proof. Even better, should one of your pavers crack or break—as hard as that would be—it’s cheap to slip out the broken piece and replace it. Depending on its location, locking it into place should take very little time at all. This gives you a long-lasting, durable deck that help you keep your small backyard looking stylish for years.

To learn more about designing a beautiful backyard, find a retailer and installer of interlocking pavers in Reno. Action Concrete specializes in high-quality, durable concrete pavers and other concrete surfaces that can make even a small backyard more enjoyable and impressive than ever. Visit actionconcretereno.com today to learn more.