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Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Exposed aggregate finishes are steadily emerging as a strong and beautiful architectural choice. Utilizing either locally mined aggregates or those from other parts of the world, exposed aggregate concrete provide a sophisticated look that will beautify any environment.

An exposed aggregate finish to a concrete can basically construct by two ways, the first is Surface Dressing, which achieves the effect by pressing the decorative aggregate into the body of the freshly poured concrete, WHILST the second, Washed to Expose, which is preferred for heavy-duty or commercial use, is carried about by stripping away the matrix from the top of the concrete to reveal the constituent aggregate.

The basic assumption of an exposed aggregate concrete is that the brute strength of concrete is blended with the aesthetic appeal of a decorative aggregate and you have, optimistically, the perfect combination of strength, mouldability, looks and relatively low creation cost. The cost can be additionally managed by restricting the utilization of the decorative aggregate that is generally the most costly component of the concrete, to the top layer or face of the unit or structure.

At Action Concrete, we carry the concrete and aggregate required to produce an exposed aggregate finish & provide different colors of concrete, enabling you to match your exposed aggregate surface to your house siding or other features of your property. Call us today at (775) 357-9008!