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Top Reasons Why Concrete Driveways Are the Best

One of the most versatile and common building materials in America, concrete is relied-on for a reason. This is especially true of driveways, access points for garages, parking lots, warehouses, carports, and so much more. Concrete driveways are excellent features for any home or business, and there are a few strong reasons why.

Professional concrete contractors share the top benefits of using concrete to build a driveway on your property.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Believe it or not, concrete driveways are good for the environment. Sure, they cover up spots where patches of grass would normally go, but if you need a driveway for vehicle access, concrete is a far better alternative than asphalt. It takes less energy to build a concrete surface than an asphalt one. In fact, some concrete flooring contractors use recycled concrete from demolished buildings to build all kinds of new concrete surfaces, from driveways to patios. Ask concrete patio contractors near you if they can build surfaces with recycled concrete.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Concrete is hardy enough to withstand rain, heat, cold, ice, winds, pests, and virtually everything else. Possibly the only enemy of concrete is ultra-strong plant roots. Simple trim the grass and plants around a concrete driveway, then pressure wash it with a garden hose regularly and you’re all set. You’re unlikely to experience any problems with your concrete surface.

But if anything goes wrong, you can hire a concrete repair contractor to fix and smooth out the surface so it looks perfect again and will last for several more decades.

They’re Safe

Well-poured and well-maintained concrete won’t develop potholes or become uneven. This makes it safer to drive and walk on than other solid surfaces. Tile walkways can loosen and become a hazard, but concrete stays smooth and even. This is especially important for businesses, who will want to avoid angering litigious customers.

Wet concrete over rebar frame

They’re Durable

Concrete is structurally incredibly strong. It can handle the weight of several people, several large vehicles, and even industrial equipment. If you need a driveway for heavy commercial equipment, concrete should be your go-to construction material. It won’t dent, crack, or break under pressure. For how inexpensive concrete is, it’s surprisingly durable and long-lasting.

They Look Great

Concrete can also look great, too. It doesn’t have to be a plain, gray surface. Many concrete contractors can stain and finish concrete so that it has a stylish appearance. Finish it to match with your landscaping, match the structures on your property, or even resemble natural stone and other pricier materials. Concrete is a great substitute for other flooring materials because it’s cheaper to build but can look just as good. Stamped concrete contractors can fully customize your driveway for the effect that you wish to achieve. You’ll impress customers to your business or visitors to your home.

Just be sure that you work with a very talented concrete company, like Action Concrete. As specialists in fine, long-lasting, affordable, and durable concrete driveways, Action Concrete can custom-build surfaces just for your home or business. Visit actionconcretereno.com to learn more about how professional concrete driveway contractors in Reno, NV, can improve your property.