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Paver patio

Things to Consider When Installing a Paver Patio

If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your backyard, you might consider some amazing landscape and hardscape designs. The former refers to beautiful plant life and a green lawn that make your yard look lush and colorful; the latter refers to hard, practical features in your yard, such as walkways and patios. Adding a patio to your backyard can make it more stylish, functional, and attractive, so you can take in fresh air and relax outdoors whether you’re hosting friends and family or just relaxing alone on your time off.

One of the best types of patios that you can install is a paver patio. These patios consist of concrete-based materials, such as interlocking pavers. Pavers include concrete bricks that can resemble masonry bricks or even natural stone. But before you install paver patios on your property, here are a few things you should consider first.

Types of Pavers

Not all pavers are made equally. In fact, some of them look vastly different and can even give you a different everyday experience with your patio. A good paver contractor will provide plenty of options for you to consider, and you should know a bit about the different options.

First are concrete bricks, which offer good traction, are easy to install and clean, and are versatile in appearance. Other options include pea gravel, concrete pebblelike pieces that have a very classy, European appearance but may disperse fairly easily. Flagstones have a rustic, freshly mined look, while cobblestone styles are old-fashioned and charming. If you want to explore your different shape, style, and color options, talk to a paver contractor near you.


What exactly do you plan on doing with your patio? Do you like to host outdoor barbecues? Do you want a place to practice your favorite hobbies? Do you want a stylish patio that looks ready for a sophisticated party? Whatever you want out of your patio, there’s a perfect type of paver patio for you. You may also need walkways to connect your paver patio to other areas, such as the garage, pool, or door to your home. Concrete paver patios are easy to install in a variety of formations and offer more options than a traditional concrete slab patio, so you can design around your intended purpose for your new patio.

Installing pavers


Concrete pavers are fairly easy to install, especially when you’re working with interlocking pavers. While some patios can be complex and timely to install, adding up to high installation costs, pavers are pre-fabricated and just need to be set in place. There’s no curing and drying time like there is when installing a concrete slab. And while paver bricks will need to be laid by hand, even large areas can be installed in no time. There’s no need to install grout which you need when building a traditional ceramic tile patio or walkway, so this cuts down on installation time too. Leave the installation work to a professional because concrete products will need to be installed properly, giving them room to expand and contract as necessary to prevent cracks.

Caring for Your Paver Patio

Paver patios are long-lasting and low-maintenance. They’re easy to wash and rinse with a simple soap mixture and your garden hose. You don’t have to worry about grout getting dirty or discolored, nor rot or warping that can affect wooden decks.

There’s a common fear that concrete cracks easily, but concrete pavers are durable and firm and repairing your patio is easy. If a brick cracks or dislodges, it’s simple to replace it with a new one. If anything should be bothersome with a paver patio, it’s the potential for weeds, but a simple weed killer can keep your patio looking neat.

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