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Concrete Patio in Backyard

Reasons Why You Should Install Brick Pavers in Spring

Springtime means it’s officially spring cleaning season, but it’s also the best time to make functional and stylistic improvements to your backyard. Invest in a makeover now for an impressive backyard that is perfect for hosting summer events.

There’s one particular feature that can transform any backyard and make it your favorite place to enjoy the outdoors. Is it a certain type of tree? What about a large, expensive outdoor grill? What about a swimming pool? These features are fun for some people, but the one thing you really need is a set of concrete pavers.

What are pavers? Pavers are concrete bricks that are used to lay a patio or other outdoor surface, like a sidewalk. Brick pavers are particularly popular because they resemble bricks, but they’re made of durable, long-lasting, and inexpensive concrete rather than fragile clay, like traditional bricks. However, they have the same classic look and welcoming vibe of bricks, for a lower price and less maintenance.

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in brick pavers this spring.

Good Conditions

Spring is a season of pleasant conditions–not too hot, not too cold–and also a reasonable amount of wind and humidity. Paver contractors in Reno, NV, love working in the spring and may even charge less for installation jobs like laying brick paver patios because they prefer mild weather conditions. Winter labor can expose workers to illnesses. Summer labor often involves waking up and starting work right at sunrise, before the mugginess and warmth turn into dangerously hot conditions. However, you can work right through the middle of the day in spring. That means a faster, more pleasant, and possibly cheaper installation job for your new patio and walkways.

Stable Terrain

Did you know that winter frost can actually shift the landscape? This issue doesn’t affect you directly, so you may not notice it, but people who work directly with the ground, like a paver contractor, will notice the difference. They need to work on stable, flat ground for good installation, but the ground can change as they’re working. Something similar happens in the summer, too. The dry, hot ground tends to shrivel and contract a little. All of this means that working on a flat surface is virtually impossible in the temperature extremes of summer and winter. However, in the springtime, paver contractors won’t have to deal with shifting terrain that can upset the entire project.

Ease of Scheduling

Despite how difficult it is for laborers to work through the summer, it’s actually the busiest time for many industries, including backyard renovations services like paver contract work. People are off for vacation time and so they like to schedule these services when they can be at home to supervise the project. However, this means that you’ll have other homeowners to contend with when you try to schedule installation. The closer you get to summer, the busier paver contractors will be, so it’s best to hire them now when they have more time and effort to focus on your project.

Paver Contractor Shaking Hands with Homeowner

Remember that summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors, so if you invest in a brick paver patio now, you’ll enjoy more backyard barbecues, summer parties, and more. Call Action Concrete today for professional brick¬†paver installation in Reno, NV, at great prices. You’ll love your new backyard, and so will your summer guests.