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Foundations & Footings

Concrete foundations & footings

The footprint of your home or any building is defined by its foundation. This is usually a combination of concrete footings that bear the bulk of a home’s or building’s structural weight, and concrete walls, which you will see in an unfinished basement. A solid foundation and perfectly installed footings of sufficient size to support the structure is important to the satisfactory performance of buildings.

Footings act as the base of a building foundation and transmit the superimposed load to the soil. The type and size of the footings must be suitable to the soil condition, and in cold climates the footings should be far enough below the ground level to be protected from frost action, this depth being established by local building codes.

Concrete has been a successful building material for centuries. Concrete foundations & footings should be robust to support the building that is built above. Poured concrete foundation walls & footings come in all sizes, thickness, heights, and widths. As concrete gets taller, it must get thicker. All of these dimensions are interrelated. Poured concrete foundations & footings are more reliable than those of other materials and are recommended for use in any foundations.

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